27th May - Sports Day

Whole School Sports Day

Friday 27th May 2011 ......9am ??1:15pm


There will be a morning of activities involving variety, viagra sale competition and fun. We will start with mixed age groups moving around ten (10) stations located on the basketball court/tennis court/soccer field (TABLOIDS, 0915 - 1045).

After Recess, the children will go to their House tents on the Soccer Field. They will be called on the P.A. system for Running events (ATHLETICS and RELAYS, 1115 - 1200). After this formal competition there will be time for some fun with Tug-of-War, Sack Relay, Egg and Spoon Relay, Bean Bag Relay, Leaderball and Passball (NOVELTY EVENTS, 1200 - 1:15, Lunchtime. *Early Years/Year 1 will go to Lunch at the normal time of 1245).

In the afternoon the students will have the opportunity to participate in some water based activities if the weather is hot. These activities will be fun based and take place in the swimming pool for years 2 to 12 and in the Early Years playground for the Early Years students. It is recommended that you pack your child?? swim suit and towel.

You are very welcome to watch, cheer, assist and participate.

If you can help in any way, please give your Name to the SCLs or the Event Coordinators.

Please ensure that your child has a hat, Sports uniform with House Colours, a labelled (name) drink bottle and sunscreen.

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